Hello, I am arbeekeypok/thesteamroom!

I am open for commissions and stuff. YAY! :D

If you wanna see more of my works, my references are here: The Steam Room!


  • I accept Paypal only!
  • I accept OCs, fan art, some blood, maybe some skin. But nothing too explicit NSFW stuff. Not good at furries, either. Maybe I can get exceptions in some days, well, we’ll just have to be surprised, shall we? ;)
  • References for Characters are needed if you want your Characters drawn. :D
  • Backgrounds will usually be simple Gradients, patterns, or a plain background, but I will charge for something really detailed!
  • For more details, send me a PM! I will be happy to respond. :)
  • Slots I can do at maximum about 10 before closing the commissions.


skype: thearbee


Yahoo!: bofu_god_of_awesome

Thank you and Hello, everyone. :D First time to do these commissions really. Hope the prices are okay :D


arachnescurse asked:

Birb Cecil should go to the Masquerade with Carloaf! I hear they're going to secretly eat all of the snacks!

birbcecil answered:

((awwww. truth be told though, carloaf and birbcecil should probably stay away from each other else carloaf will get eaten.))

((In ancient dimension-screwing times, there was a serious dimension clash war between the loaf dimension and the birb dimension. Both birb and loaf sides sustain serious casualties from this war.

They have since had a dimension ceasefire and they both locked their dimensions, preventing both sides from ever visiting the opposing dimensions. Modern loaves and birbs and future buns and lil birbs have yet to know of each other or forgot about the existence of a dimension full of sentient bread people or shapeshifting bird creatures.

That time somewhere was the only time where Carloaf had interacted with a birb. He never got to see his new friend again. All he knew was that a bird found his goggles, kissed him uncontrollably as the beak looked like lips and ran off with his goggles. Never to be seen again.

Oh, don’t worry. Carloaf has got like 40 more pairs of goggles left. Carlos buys a lot of those online for cheap. And that runaway bird does look good in goggles.))



NIGHT LOAF DUMP: Loaf Design Editions (Part 3 of something)

Some loaf doodles and designs and stuff that I wanna show but can’t or stuff that I showed somewhere else but just now I am showing it because I am busy with work and Saturday is a good time.

  1. Tamikaloaf the Bartender. I was gonna made a bonus comic for Kevinloaf’s Sticky Bun plot involving Kevinloaf and all the others in a little teeny bar drinking juice and telling about Kevinloaf’s situation with Devan. Tamikaloaf is tending the bar and Cecil is somewhere in the corner with a little chair complaining that the drink Tamikaloaf gave Cecil was not alcoholic. 
  2. Clementine as a loaf. I like The Walking Dead Game. Who doesn’t love Clementine? Favorite written child ever.
  3. Loafchelle! Her power involves bending reality, though the reality is only involving in what she wears. What a trendsetter! The shirt she’s wearing is from a band that arachnescurse (friend and fan of Loaves and writer of Cyber Vale) had the ONLY CD from until the band broke up.
  4. Bunis sketches made in Illustrator. Graphic arts test.
  5. ask-earloaf and his adowable chef outfit! Headcanoning the loaf in a southern accent!
  6. Emo Carloaf. It was a joke, I swear.