Humidity can inflate a loaf unexpectedly for some reason since it’s water vapor and can lead to precipitation. Sometimes we do tend to puff up when the weather gets REAL humid. Strange that it never really gets to rain in this place…

Though I do wonder why some loaves can puff up in humidity while others don’t. Maybe it’s because I’m made steamed.


A cute night time picture of sleeping loaves (and a Cecil)

NIGHT LOAF DUMP PART 1 (of something)

I draw a lot of Loaf Stuff and until now I have enough to start a Sketch Dump of Random Loaf designs, or Loaf doodles, or Stuff I should have drawn but can’t because constraints and sudden things.

  1. Marcus Vansloaf, Jakeloaf, and Bunis. All in the n00d.
  2. Snow Loaf Mates based on the two ladies of the White Sand Ice Cream Shop. Snow loaves CAN be baked and become legitimate loaves, but Carloaf knows jack about Bread Necromancy.
  3. Ghostloaf. I was watching Aabra Ka Daabra with a friend and just wanted to draw a cute ghost from one of the characters. True story.
  4. I was gonna make a father’s day comic for Father’s day, but due to circumstances of the episode being a two-parter and no one as of yet knew of the sad twist that is part B… yeah. Scrapped. He was gonna sing Bob Dylan songs. :(
  5. Pikabunis. Arachnescurse is a huge fan of Bunis so I drew this for her. :D
  6. Dino Love! Based on the Loafzilla event and Ceciloaf’s new outfit. I am not getting better at drawing kisses though :(

'Lovin in the Oven' - Moss Fiction by Arachneloaf

"Geneloaf! We can’t do this!" Chrisloaf wiggled away from the larger loaf’s smooches. He wanted nothing more to be smooched by the salt-encrusted pretzel loaf. But he was a good loaf who had been raised well by a kind baker. He knew what was right and wrong, and smooching this loaf was wrong!

"Why not?" Geneloaf asked, wiggling closer to the fresh baked corn muffin.

"Because I know that Lioloaf is your loaf mate!" Chrisloaf turned away knowing that tears were already flowing down his cornmeal covered cheeks. "Even though I want to smooch and snuggle with you SO HARD our love cannot be!"

Geneloaf let out a dramatic gasp of shock! “Chrisloaf! Didn’t you hear?”

Chrisloaf’s gasp was even louder and far more dramatic! “What???”

Instead of replying Geneloaf wiggled over to the microwave and pushed the open button. The door popped open to reveal the sugar coated Lioloaf inside.

"Lioloaf!!!" Chrisloaf shouted.

"Chrisloaf! Geneloaf! The microwave is big enough for all three of us! Let’s all be loaf mates together! Smooches for everyone!!!"

And so Chrisloaf, Geneloaf, and Lioloaf all snuggled in the microwave together and smooched all night.


*Inserts Carloaf crying tears of joy in the distance*

To be honest, maybe missing my dad’s just to show how much I care. My Dad will be fine. I mean, I have heard from everyone how much Carlos saved Night Vale… I’m proud and happy that he’s my dad. 

Plus, he does have Skype. We do talk a lot after Cecil falls alseep… from hogging all the battery, apparently. He sings to me, Ceciloaf and Earloaf lullabies to sleep.

Even if me and papa are apart for now, I’m always so happy whenever I see him and know he’s alive. And when we talk sometimes it’s like he’s there. 

I’m sorry for making you guys worry. Really.

Anonymous asked:

You're so cute. I'd say this as myself but I'm... really just not someone you'd want to talk to, probably. So I'll say it anonymously so at least you know. You're so cute. You make me smile. Thank you.

((Hello! Awwww thank you very much! :) Anon or not, you make me smile too. :)))